About TopRated

Who are we?

TopRated is a promotional platform and online business directory for Services in the UK. We filter and promote professional businesses (rated by customers) and present them to the public.

Quite simply we promote professionals offering all types of Services.

A Competitive edge and exposure is everything... with TopRated that is exactly what you will get. Today, over 85% of the population have at one stage or another used the web to search for everyday services online, with over 55% using the web on a frequent basis.

TopRated has created a platform which will give your business maximum online exposure and promote your business to a targeted local customer base. TopRated will also promote your business in your local catchment area by using various print and visual media to maximise customer aquisition and retention on your behalf.

TopRated is one of the fastest growing Business promotions & online business directories in the UK. Our main goal is to drive customers to professional businesses in the most cost effective way.


Our Services

As a business owner have you found that marketing can be rather stressful and very expensive? TopRated can provide you the most cost effective way to advertise your business!


TopRated regularly carries out market research on the ever-changing buying patterns of consumers, and develops strategies and marketing techniques to help your business access more customers. Our marketing strategies are similar to big branded Multi-National companies with a slight difference...We apply them to work for multiple independent trades and businesses like yours.


TopRated promotes your business digitally through the TopRated website and various other media.

You can rest assured that when we promote your business, we are using the most effective  and proven marketing strategies to draw as many customers as possible through to you.


TopRated Domain

We will create a professional profile like a mini-website for your business and upload it to the TopRated domain. Customers on our website can look for you via location or rating. You can display everything on your profile page that a customer might be looking for including, Introduction & mission statements, services descriptions, reviews, picture gallery, video gallery, events notification, business offers, opening hours, Google maps, route-planner etc.


With just one click, users can find your business or service, read your company profile, read reviews and see pictures and videos of previous work before they make contact. Our expertise in this field tells us that reviews are very important to customers, because by reading them they can benefit from other users' experiences.


TopRated will allow customers to write reviews of your business on the website . We will moderate reviews and add them on your business profile to enhance your web presence. You do not need to pay a single penny to get to the top of the directory, just plenty of satisfied customers!

Furthermore, your Mini-Website will be social-network enabled, which means you can have a timeline of activities and links into all other social networks.


Our Team


TopRated is managed by a dedicated team of specialists.


Our full Web-infrastructure was built in house and is managed by ourselves, thereby abolishing dependency on third parties. We have our own in-house team of developers and tech guys who understand the finer nuance of web design and management. The Tech- team make sure the website is working properly and input all data. They upgrade the Website on a regular business and make changes to your mini-website according to your  requirements. Everything you see when you visit the TopRated website is the work of the Tech-Team.



Our E-Marketing department consists of Web Technicians who constantly work on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SEM). They are responsible for maximising your web exposure and directing customers to your business profile page.



The RST team is responsible for carrying out market Research, These are the guys who research current consumer trends and buying patterns, they follow the operating patterns of Multi-National coporations as well as your local area. They apply all their research data to develop the most cost effective  marketing strategies for smaller independent businesses like yours.


Our Commitment

Our aim is to promote your business and services in your area. We want to bring as many customers as possible through your doors.


Want to find out more? get in touch now and put your business at the forefront of potential customers.