About TopRated Walsall

Who are we?

TopRated is a promotional platform and online business directory for local businesses in the UK. We filter and promote the top local businesses (rated by customers) and present them to the local public.

We encourage people to shop locally and support local trades and businesses.

We encourage Local trades and businesses to offer discounts and incentives to reward local people for their loyalty and custom.

Quite simply we promote local commerce in order to keep cash flowing around your community and your business.

A Competitive edge and exposure is everything... with TopRated  that is exactly what you will get. Today, over 85% of the populace have at one stage or another used the web to search up a business online, with over 55% using the web on a frequent basis.                 

Research and data analyses has shown that before making a purchase 61% people carry out a search on a PC or Laptop, 64% carry out a search on a Tablet and an astounding 78% of people (that's 8 out of 10 people) carry out a search on their Mobile Phones.... In light of these digitally assisted buying patterns, can you afford not to have a reputable online presence? This is where we can help.

TopRated has created a platform which will give your business maximum online exposure and promote your business to a targeted local customer base. TopRated will also promote your business in your local catchment area by using various print and visual media to maximise customer aquisition and retention on your behalf.

TopRated  is one of the fastest growing Business promotions & online directories in the UK. Our main goal is to drive local customers to local businesses in the most cost effective way.